Webinar: Digital Journey Mapping with Smaply

|  Professional Journey Mapping


Visualize and improve your customer experience.

Get an introduction to journey mapping with Smaply and learn how to use a digital tool to illustrate your customer journey, collaborate with your team and improve your customer experience in a structured way.

You do not have to explain too much. And you do not need big rolls of paper 

with post-its on them that you have to move around. You can simply digitize 

your user journey, open it whereever you want and share it with people involved. 

The beauty of Smaply is its simplicity!

Ravi Kaushik

CEO of C3, Belgium

After a 30 minutes intro you will have the chance to ask questions and get advise on how to implement a customer journey mapping tool in your organization.

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and how it can help you to illustrate and innovate customer experience.

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